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Our educational philosophy embraces mastery-based learning, cross-curricular activities, and ability grouping. We meet students at their current level and help them move up to their potential as quickly as possible. We offer a broad curriculum and utilize a combination of accredited, internationally recognized curricula, innovative teaching methods, and proven traditional instructional materials--always customized to meet individual needs in a small classroom setting.

A nationally norm-referenced standardized test approved by Florida Department of Education is administered each year.

English Language Arts: Our customized curriculum, based on literature, poetry and composition, emphasizes critical thinking. Students use Complete English for Cambridge Secondary 1 supplemented with grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension resources. Middle school students also use the Cover Story writing curriculum.

Mathematics and Science are taught using Cambridge International Secondary 1,

a highly acclaimed, internationally recognized curriculum organized into clear lessons and hands-on activities. Small math groups allow students the maximum opportunity to ask questions, solve problems together, and increase math confidence. Weekly science labs, annual science fair projects, and other projects enrich our math and science program.

Other teaching resources includeSaxon Math and Algebra Nation.

History emphasizes geography and major historical events as they clarify and expand the students' world view. Beginning with early civilizations and traveling through European history, the founding and expansion of America, and into modern issues, we focus on our school motto, "Learn from the past; prepare for the future; live in the present." Assignments and activities reinforce essential language skills of reading, critical thinking, research, spelling, grammar, and typing.

Spanish: WCA’s middle school program covers Florida’s high school Spanish 1 standards. Our textbook, Que Hay, also supports IGCSE standards. Our approach emphasizes correct pronunciation and confidence and prepares students for success in further language studies.

Character education sets the tone for the school day, emphasizing shared values, positive behavior, and personal organization. Guest speakers are invited from the community to introduce students to a variety of educational paths and career options. They encourage students to plan for college graduation and success in work and family life.

Physical Education: We are happy to provide our students with 30 minutes of fresh air and vigorous outdoor exercise on a daily basis. Activities vary between group games, parent-coached P.E. and time to rest and enjoy friends and nature.

Art classes at WCA allow students to explore their own creativity with a variety of materials. They receive guidance from an award-winning professional artist and experienced teacher. Student artwork is regularly displayed at school events.

WCA’s special emphasis is our music program. Mrs. Oaks, Mrs. Valdez, and Mrs. Philleo bring world-class training, years of performance and teaching experience, and a real passion for music to the school. We have three performance choirs, including an advanced, auditioned group. The piano class is open to all middle school students and includes individual keyboard instruction, theory and music history. Students perform frequently throughout the year at school and community events. Our chorus passed the audition for the Disney Performing Arts program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL where we performed in May 2016. We are scheduled to perform again in March 2017. Our music instructors maintain private studios and lessons after school to interested WCA students.

Frequent field trips keep education alive!

Monthly field trips focus on careers in public service, science and healthcare; nature and environmentalism; Florida history; and the arts. Field trips last year included USDA-ARS-Sugarcane Field Station in Canal Point, Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and Bedner Farms in Boynton Beach, Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fairgrounds, Alzheimer's Care Center in Wellington, and the Pozzobonelli Art Center in Loxahatchee. During school year 2016-2017, students visited JFK Medical Center North, Loggerhead Marine Life Center, Palm Beach County Courthouse, and Society of the Four Arts. Our chorus performed at Walt Disney World.